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Care Cap Plus Joins HFMA

Care Cap Plus recently joined the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA), the industry’s leading resource for healthcare finance.  HFMA isn’t just about revenue, however its members consistently strive to make healthcare finance more transparent through best practices, education and innovation.

A recent article published by the HFMA highlights the most common reason hospitals and medical practices choose to partner with Care Cap Plus.  As a hybrid FinTech business, our technology does the heavy lifting, allowing our team to provide a human touch to every patient we serve.  The Care Cap Plus hospital model turns the collection process upside-down. No more blindly sending out statements.  Our team makes personal phone calls to each patient with an outstanding balance, determining how to meet them where they are financially.  Because we don’t wait for the patient to call, our proactive stance engages the patient in the payment process earlier and with a more customized approach.  The result:  91% of surveyed Care Cap Plus hospital patients say they would likely refer friends and family to the hospital that offered them the Care Cap Plus interest and fee-free payment program.

Take a moment and read the full article by fellow HFMA member- Day Egusquiza.

FULL ARTICLE: || How to Engage with Patients where they are by balancing automation with the human touch.